Madam Satan (1930): Electrifying !!!

Madam Satan is a long forgotten film directed by Cecil B. DeMille at the dawn of the “talkies”. Nothing noticeable in this movie. Its screenplay and structure were, at best, pure hilarity. Well, nothing until a character decided to organize a monumental masquerade party aboard a zeppelin… the Great Depression wasn’t still in full bloom.

Let’s hope that zeppelin used Helium.


“Mayfield Kestrel”: Larger than Life (V).

-“So, this is it at last, is it? The Mayfield Kestrel.”
-“Until we can think of a better name.”

Here we go again. The inmortal MH434 masquerading here as British 1935 most advanced fighter design in the superb Poirot ITV series. A govern official in this episode (season 1/episode 8) asked how does the “Kestrel” compare to the Bf 109….Well, a Spitfire IX should have been more than able to handle a 1935 Messer.

The MH434’s brief appearance stole the show, as usual.

XPJ-1: Wonder Woman vs Meteorpatriarchy.

Wonder Woman TV series from the 1970s, among others, defined that decade almost like a universe apart. There is an episode of 1976 (“The Feminine Mystique”) about a supposed allied “XPJ-1” jet fighter the Nazis wanted to steal. The one chosen for the role was this pale grey Gloster NF.11 Meteor night fighter…., a very decent choice, in my humble opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about equality but not about nonsense. With the latest iteration of Wonder Woman I have seen some girl friends of mine ravishing about what the character and that movie means to women’s rights. Go figure! The same people who always told me how they hated action/superhero movies in general. Hollywood sure know their business: that pseudo-feminist crap to please some and a very attractive woman in a ridiculous(-ly) tiny outfit for the more carnal. Diabolically clever indeed.

“Martin XRV”: Save your backpacks for the EVA transfer.

Last night I took the time to watch again 1969 “Marooned” movie. Inspired in Martin Caidin’s book, this movie it’s not one of those I revisit often (dull acting and so-so story), but some of its props had real charm.
The jewel of the crown to me was its “XRV”, a lifting body (LB) shape inspired in the Martin SV-5. This USAF-sponsored LB aircraft was tested in space in the middle-late 1960’s as the sub-scale X-23 PRIME and later in earth atmosphere, as the full-scale X-24A, in the early 1970’s.  A design which has merits; NASA applied later the concept to its now cancelled X-38 rescue vehicle. By the way, the Martin Marietta company had a crystal ball in 1965.
I’m not going to start relating its technical goofs, but the rude way that Sikorsky CH-3C deposited the “XRV” on the lorry couldn’t have done any good to its thermal protection.

Not at Kubrick’s “2001” level, yet the “XRV” cockpit had style and some really convincing gadgetry. The movie’s spacesuits, not being superb, were decent enough.