Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress: Cheyenne!!

Incredibly stunning view the pair of stings in the rear end of a late B-17G. This improved tail turret, the so-called “Cheyenne” tail turret, was developed by the United Air Lines’ modification center at Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I do prefer the older one, but…


Boeing B-52B(?) “BUFF”: If you can walk away from a landing,…

An early B-52 landing in its own very peculiar way or me returning home this afternoon after a very well-irrigated Valencian traditional Xmas Day puchero.
Th B-52 has the ability to pivot its undercarriage up to 20° from the aircraft centerline, allowing an increase in safety during crosswind landings. This feature has also proved very valuable on ground handling.

Polikarpov I-16: Vivement Dimanche !!

At first sight it seems a curious choice to employ a Soviet fighter to publicize an aviation competition of French extraction. Well, in fact  the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe was all about speed and there was nothing compare to the I-16 fighter when it first appeared in the middle 1930’s. The first cantilever monoplane retractable undercarriage fighter to enter series production.
That the I-16 looked a lot like one of those American air racer of the era also helped.

Or maybe…

Beriev Be-12P: A fair reflection.

The Be-12 turboprop amphibian was designed by the Beriev bureau as a successor to the their household Be-6 flying boat. For its predecessor the Be-12 inherited just the gull-wind configuration and tail feathers, being in fact a totally different aircraft. First flown in 1960, the duties envisaged for the Be-12 were mainly anti-submarine (ASW) and maritime patrol aircraft. Built in moderate numbers, in service these amphibians have proved to be both rugged and adaptable. A handful of them are still, barely, in service in Russia and Ukraine.

Magnificent photo taken at the Irkutsk Aviation Repair Plant 403 factory airfield in 2001. The well-worn RA-00041 is one of the just four Be-12’s converted into fire fighting “water-bombers”.

Photo: Richard Vandervord.