Mil Mi-8: Here we go again.

A Mil Mi-8 helicopter ready for some early action at the runway of Camp Bastion (Afghanistan) October 23, 2011. Afghanistan is a place those ageless helicopters know all too well. They still, regrettably, have a lot of hot and dangerous days ahead down there.

A superb photo anyway of Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Chandler (Regional Command Southwest).

Fairey Gordon Mk.I: Tiggerty-boo !!

The robust Gordon was essentially a Fairey IIIF with a radial 525hp AS Panther IIa engine in place of the IIIF’s slightly higher powered -but heavier, dated and more complicated- Napier Lion. First flown in 1931, a few were converted from IIIF’s while the main bulk were new production. They soldiered well into WW2, in fact, in the Spring of 1941 some Gordons used for training were hastily converted back into bombers in Iraq where they took part in the defence of Habbaniya against Iraqi forces. The RAF got their money worth with their Gordons.

This lavish photograph shows the Gordons of the 35 Sqn and 207 Sqn smartly presented for some unidentified event. Michael Thornton-Jones’s archives.