Chu CJC-3A: Chu-Chu-Chu !!!

This is the second experimental helicopter designed by the Chinese Major-General Chu, and the first one built in Formosa (Taiwan) after the Communists total occupation of mainland China. Powered by a 190 hp Lycoming engine, this tiny tandem rotor CJC-3 began its tests in 1952 and was a more ambitious effort influenced by Piasecki‘s technology. Only one prototype was built; the CJC-3A designation was given to it when upgraded in 1956.

Maybe not pretty, but neat anyway.

Ikarus Kurir: The Storch’s very long shadow.

The kurir (Courier) was a two/three-seat light cabin monoplane designed in the middle 1950’s to meet a Yugoslav Army requirement for an aircraft suitable for liaison, army observation and ambulance. All that with Short take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities. Its designers didn’t have too look very far to find inspiration. The Kurir is in fact a sort of scaled-down Fieseler Storch, but of all metal construction. Like the Fi-156, these neat little things turned out to be quite handy and beloved. The around 145 built served efficiently with the Yugoslav Peoples Army until 1972 when they’re replaced by helicopters. After that, the military released them to civilian aeroclubs where they were used mainly as glider-tugs.

A standard production DM-6R powered Kurir all down and dirty, just like another little stork.