Ford 5-AT-B: Perlée-finished & Corrugated.

The Tin Goose preserved in pristine condition at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. NC9637 wears the livery of its first employer, the iconic Pan American. This veteran was retired in the 1970s; it last job was with the Grand Canyon Airlines.

Yakovlev Yak-18: Three Soviet Stars.

World War 2 put Yakovlev firmly in the fighter’s business, but they didn’t forget the type of aircraft which made them well-know and respected: the humble initial trainers. The search of a replacement for the household UT-2 started the very same month of the German surrender. Basically a development of an advanced UT-2 model tested late in the war, the Yak-18 was a classic no-nonsense evolution of it predecessor. Hugely successful the design has been produced in massive numbers and has generated a wide family of derivatives.

The subject of this post, its magnificently cowled Shvetsov M-11 and a young-looking and lean Alexei Leonov. He carried his ShL-50 the cocky Russian way, obviously.