Ilyushin Il-18B: Whole LOT-ta love.

One of the series of vintage photos used by LOT to commemorate the anniversaries of various of their routes. Classic beauty never gets out of style, that Il-18‘s engine nacelle included.


Junkers Ju 87D “Stuka”: All Too Teutonic.

There were more Stuka aces than just Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Rudel’s well-deserved and  warrior qualities somehow eclipsed the limelight from others, among them was Dr. Ernst Kupfer. Furthermore, in Kupfer we found both an outstanding warrior (636 combat missions!) and a pretty fine officer. Sadly, he didn’t live to see the end of the war; he die in a routine plane crash in late 1943.

The gaunt looking Kupfer gazes defiantly at the camera wearing his Knight Cross, neat LKp W 101 flight helmet and sporty Nitsche und Günther Splitterschutzbrille googles. This portrait looks like one of the many produced by Wolfgang Willrich. That face…..

Atlas & Deke: So near, yet so far.

The neatly dressed Project Mercury astronaut Deke Slayton observes the night launch of an Atlas missile from Cape Canaveral. Sadly, Slayton didn’t have the chance to ride one of those fiery Atlases because he was grounded in 1962 due to an irregular heart rhythm. Thirteen patient years later Deke reached orbit at last with the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

Photo by Ralph Morse (LIFE magazine).

Veronica Lake & Boeing Y1B-17: The shiny side of life.

Such a swell dame descending from a gorgeously finished pre-production “Flying Fortress”. Lake was part of the superb cast of “I wanted Wings” 1941 movie; she made with this movie her the Big Break. The film was also well stuffed with aircraft: BT-9, P-40, B-18, AT-6, A-17 and B-17B. A nicely done propaganda effort winner of Best Special Effects Oscar in 1941.

100% worth the time spent in it.