General Dynamics CM: You still there, HAL?!

The comfy sectional mock-up of the General Dynamics (Convair/Astronautics Division) Apollo command module proposal, 1961. Their LEM was certainly more impressive.

Gemini 2: Inside a neon tube (II).

Launched on January 19, 1965, Gemini 2 was an unmanned suborbital mission conceived to test flight the Gemini spacecraft. Specially the reentry; the first Gemini mission was orbital, but the capsule was not recovered.

The cockpit camera footage speed of this GIF is not correct, too fast.

Armstrong (2019): Don’t accept imitations.

I found some time last night to watch this documentary. I must confess I had some trepidations about it, but ended quite pleased with the final product. The outstanding footage comes together with a very measured screenplay, thankfully not too hagiographic. In short, it has all “First Man” lacks.

I kinda like this alternative movie poster. Is it me or Neil, in the X-15’s late-model MC-2 pressure suit, looked a lot like Yuri Gagarin?