NAA X-15: Above and Beyond the “Heat Barrier”.

Descriptive video taken in a supersonic/hypersonic wind tunnel of the effects of aerodynamic heating in an unprotected aircraft shape. These studies were primordial in the development of the hypersonic NAA X-15.

Yeah, in need of some of that heat right now & right here.


NASA-Ames AX-3: Music Non Stop.

During the 1970’s NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC) explored the qualities of higher operating pressure (8-psi/55-KPa) space suits technologies which would allow zero prebreathe time when operated for the future Space Shuttle. The ARC’s AX-3 suit was the complete prototype built.

Its designer, Hubert Vykukal, is seen here demonstrating the “semihard-suit” mobility qualities. Some music.

Discovery One’s EVA Pod: Open the Pod bay doors, HAL.

I knew as I was writing the other day the GD LEM mock-up/simulator post I would sin sooner than later. And so it happened yesterday night, the umpteenth time I’ve watched Kubrick’s masterpiece.

To me those spacesuits designed by Harry Lange are as unrivalled as the movie itself. Sadly, Bowman lacks his helmet when he needed most. That helmet was the best feature of the whole suit.