Spiral Air-Orbital Plane (VOS): 2nd to none.

Designed by a Mikoyan OKB-155 design team headed by Gleb Evgeniyevich Lozino-Lozinskiy, the Spiral (aerospace system) was a Soviet project created as a military orbital spaceplane in response to the American Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar. Ironically by the time the design was started (1965) the American project was already cancelled so after four years it was also stopped….to be initiated in the middle 1970s as a possible answer to the Space Shuttle. The project reached the hardware state with sub-scale orbital test models and a manned test vehicle to explore low-speed behavior, the MiG-105.

To no avail, in the end the Spiral was cancelled when the Soviet authorities decided to follow closely the American Space Shuttle concept. The Buran project was the result.

This clever GIF gives us an idea of its audacious configuration. The Spiral spaceplane with its attached  liquid fuel booster stage seats atop hypersonic jet mothership designed by the Tupolev OKB. That reusable mothership acted as the complex’s first stage which launched Spiral and its booster at high altitude.


Madam Satan (1930): Electrifying !!!

Madam Satan is a long forgotten film directed by Cecil B. DeMille at the dawn of the “talkies”. Nothing noticeable in this movie. Its screenplay and structure were, at best, pure hilarity. Well, nothing until a character decided to organize a monumental masquerade party aboard a zeppelin… the Great Depression wasn’t still in full bloom.

Let’s hope that zeppelin used Helium.

GE electrically heated flight suit: Gonna have to look at eBay.

The huge General Electric company, in conjunction with LION Apparel, were the US military services  main providers of electrically heated flight suits during World War II.
One of the early models/test units being test here the cheap way. That “bucket” seat…

Writing these lines in this freeze winter it is sure an emergency to manage. Envy is a capital sin, my friends.

“de Havilland Mosquito VI”: La petite Merveille en Bois.

This very convincing 3/4 scale Mosquito was the labor of love of l’Association de Luçon RRAA (Reconstructions & Répliques Avions Anciens). First flown on 23rd April 2011, as you may observe, the “Lil’ Mossie” looks remarkably similar to the real deal, a tribute to the 33,000 hours and 17 years of work. The livery chosen was the one of 143 Sqn RAF piloted by the French Wing Commander Max Guedj (with Flight Lieutenant Langley as Navigator), an aircraft lost on 15th January 1945 in Norway.
Sadly, this aircraft was severely damaged in an accident in 2015. Its restoration is envisaged; that was the last news available about this cute “Wooden Wonder”.

Concise and charming video about its creation, “music” apart.