Langley Research Center: .. or Valencia right now.

1946. In view of the higher speeds attainable with jet engines the US. Navy decide to find what could happens when a subject suddenly encounter severe wind blast like the ones produced during emergency evacuations of aircraft at high speeds. Voluntary subjects were placed inside NACA Langley Research Center (Virginia) 8-foot wind tunnel and subjected to wind speeds up to 457 mph, beyond which human face damages were feared.

The subject is enjoying here a wind speed of 380 mph at an effective altitude of 4500 ft. I don’t need a wind tunnel today to experience such pleasures.

Boeing 367-80: On a Barrel Roll.

The classic moment when “Tex” Johnston honoured his nickname “barrel rolling” -two times- the Dash 80 over Seattle in 1955.

Notice the stunningly contoured and painted P&W JT3C nacelle. Priceless both photo and video.

BAe Harrier GR9A: Unstoppable !!!

The famous ZG478 crash landing at Kandahar back in May 2009. The pilot banged out just before all this fun ended. Curiously, even though it was seriously damaged by the crash and fire, this Harrier was salvaged. It’s been restored to static display standard by Everett Aero… and it’s in the market.

I do prefer older Harriers, but this GIF is hypnotically funny.

Armstrong (2019): Don’t accept imitations.

I found some time last night to watch this documentary. I must confess I had some trepidations about it, but ended quite pleased with the final product. The outstanding footage comes together with a very measured screenplay, thankfully not too hagiographic. In short, it has all “First Man” lacks.

I kinda like this alternative movie poster. Is it me or Neil, in the X-15’s late-model MC-2 pressure suit, looked a lot like Yuri Gagarin?