Antonov An-12: Centuries, millenniums apart.

One of those photos -poor quality, sorry- you never forget; at least it’s my case. An Indian An-12 is seen landing at the harsh Leh high-altitude airfield (Ladakh Himalayas), 11,5554 ft above sea level. While these soldiers bring in a casualty by a yak.

This neat jewel brought me here. Perusing times in this muggy day. Superb Derek Bunce’s cover piece of art.

Boulton-Paul Defiant: Limited Aircraft.

Getting closer to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. I think it’s time to pay some homage, starting with this winner’s failure. The Defiant was the highest exponent of the very British bomber-destroyer “turret fighter” concept of the 1930s. The mere idea of shooting at bombers like on naval warfare… Well, the Defiant proved initially moderately successful, until the initial surprise was overcome. All was not lost though. They proved to be more than decently efficient stopgap night fighters and, in the long term, able target tow workers.

It was a neat looking aircraft nevertheless. A cross between the shape of the Hurricane and the construction of the Spitfire.

Boeing 747-121: THE END.


The news many of us aviation enthusiasts have dreaded. Boeing reportedly will stop making their 747s for good after they’ll complete the last of the 15 aircraft currently on order. After more than five decades in production, the final 747 is expected to roll off the line in the next two years. The end of the four-engined widebody airliner era is completed with the announced A380’s production termination; a sad and ugly sales failure.

Pan Am‘s last years of splendour and the still young Jumbo in this charming 1979 ad. How time flies.

Bell-MDD LHX: Man-Machine by the Superteam.

The Light Helicopter Experimental (LHX) program was a child of the 1980s intended to replace two workhorses of the US. Army: the Cobra and Kiowa. This ambitious program was won by Boeing-Sikorsky’s stunning RAH-66 Comanche, which became the main loser when the program was cancelled.
The Bell-McDonnell Douglas design contender featured a neat wing-sponson-weapon bays configuration and MDD’s signature NOTAR ducted exhaust system instead of a tail rotor.

Utterly Eighties’ poster. Reminds me one of those Atari video game covers.