Salmson 2 A2: All in the Family.

Salmson 2 A2: All in the Family.

This Salmson was one of the best and certainly one of the most produced French reconnaissance aircraft of WW1. A neat well-armed aircraft designed in 1916 to replace specially the British-designed Sopwith 1/2 Strutter. As its round nose denotes it was powered by the household archetypical 9Z engine -one of the rare water-cooled radials built in quantity. Manufactured in large numbers, the Salmson was used intensely in the war and belong.

It certainly had a cute nose.

Mitsubishi G3M “Rikko”: Dream a huge dream.

The G3M was one of the Imperial Japanese Navy AF main heavy land bombers at the start of WW2. First flown in 1935, the “Rikko” was designed to have the maximum posible range possible as a priority. To achieve such range Mitsubishi utilized Japanese proved formula: light-weight structure, weak defensive armament and lack armor/self-sealing fuel tanks.
Employed with success in China prior to WW2, these bombers were clearly obsolete by 1941 yet they continued to be used effectively during the early part of the war; paying a high human cost until they were transferred to less harzardorous duties.

Utterly Japanese style; a rain of death sweetened. OK, the G3M sure has a loooong range.but,….. Manhattan?!

Dornier R 4 Super Wal: Spanish Fiasco.

Dornier R 4 Super Wal: Spanish Fiasco.

The Super Wal, as its name denotes, was an enlarged version of the classic Dornier Wal. Powered by four engines instead of Wal’s two, the Super retained Dornier’s typical features. Built in modest numbers (around 20), they were like their ancestors both tough and workmanlike.
In Spain CASA built a unique Napier Lyon-engined Super Wal under license. Named “Numancia”, it was used in 1928 by Cte. Ramón Franco (the future dictator’s brother) in his around the World raid attempt. A raid that failed after just 1/2 hour of flight.

The Super Wals were imposing aircraft.  In this magnificent photo we can see the “Numancia” floating gently moored on the Palma de Mallorca harbour with the cathedral in the background.

Photo: José Vila Coll (Francisco Andreu’s archives).

A-8B Oxygen Mask: Men are from Mars.

A-8B Oxy Mask: Men are from Mars.

Two bomber crew of the 8th Air Force (the Mighty 8) around 1942-43, my guess. They’re wearing a mix of USAAF standard (B-3 jackets, B-6 winter flying helmet and stunning A-8B oxygen mask) and items acquired from the British (a Type B flying helmet and those hard-to-beat Mk.VII goggles).

I really love this photo’s composition and lighting.