Hispano Aviación HA-500 Alacrán: “….guarde su aguijón”.

Neat Spanish light ground-attack/close support aircraft design of the late 60s. The Alacrán (scorpion) was a Hispano Aviación company private venture project designed without any official requirement. A sort of “Lil’ A-10” prequel, the Alacrán shared with the “Warthog” a quite similar configuration, but it was definitely more modest in weight, armament, capacities, etc ….Spain back then, wasn’t the US after all.
With 20/20 hindsight the project had no future. The Ejército del Aire (Spanish AF) had just decided to purchase CASA license-built Northrop F-5’s, a cheaper more “glamorous” option. The Ha-500 design was offered later unsuccessfully to Argentina.

Only the design plans and this little -of course- model/diorama were produced. Yeah, it was designed to be launched from a sort of monorail catapult. A sort of “carrier landing” system was also envisaged.


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