Bell Rocket Belt: Rocketeer vs Lotus.

We’ve seen lately one of those periodic resurgences of extreme individual flying gizmos. Time to go back the one of the oldest, most spectacular and certainly the most famous by far: the late 1950’s hydrogen peroxide-fuelled marvel of the Bell company.

Nostalgic GIF taken from a Pathé’s Documentary of 1966. The circuit is the classic Brands Hatch and the race car looks like a Formula 3 Lotus. It sure was a short race….that Rocket Belt maximum endurance was only a little more than 21 seconds.


2 thoughts on “Bell Rocket Belt: Rocketeer vs Lotus.

  1. That’s Bell test pilot William Suitor. He also flew in the James Bond movie Thunderball and at the 1984 Olympics. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Bell needed a draft age man who had no previous flying experience. Just happened, Bill’s neighbor was the inventor, Wendell Moore. He said to Bill, “hey kid, wanna job?” The only job I got from a neighbor was mowing their lawn.

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