General Motors A-1 Bug: Men and their toys (XXIII).

The founder of Delco, Charles Kettering, undertook serious research and development in guided missiles for the US military since 1919. With the start of WW2, while working at General Motors, he proposed yet another iteration of his “Bugs” as a guided power-driven bomb. Tests started in 1941 and showed that control and general reliability were rather poor. The project saw some improvement in time, but it was ultimately cancelled in 1943.

Muroc, Aug. 1942. The Bug, by then, could employ its own tricycle-like landing gear to take-off, or be launched from this custom-built hot-rod Caddy. This stunning automobile had a pair of 165 hp Cadillac engines attached to a single drive shaft.

4 thoughts on “General Motors A-1 Bug: Men and their toys (XXIII).

  1. In 1944, during World War II, Marilyn Monroe (then known as Norma Jeane Dougherty) worked in a factory in Van Nuys California. In photos from that time she’s seen assembling the OQ-2 radio-plane, (sometimes called the RP-5A, TDD-l or the “Dennymite” for its designer Reginald Denny) which was the first mass produced unmanned aerial vehicle in the world. Nearly 15,000 OQ-2 radio-planes were produced during WWII.

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