HS Harrier T.52: High on believing.

Patented by Swiss test pilot Heinz Erwin Frick (Bae) in 1982, the Skyhook concept was conceived to operate Harriers from smaller ships. Thanks to a crane, the Harrier would have been caught in midair by an appropriately equipped ship and armed and refueled, even in rough sea conditions. It had no takers.

An old friend demonstrating the validity of this pretty smart idea with a clever and quite economical rig.

Others tried…

4 thoughts on “HS Harrier T.52: High on believing.

  1. This concept was shown the hard way. During maneuvers in Middle Atlantic, a Harrier pilot lost contact with his fleet; near fuel exhaustion, he saw an Spanish Container Merchant Ship, and landed on the deck, on containers. When the owner, captain and crew claimed this was a Sea Rescue, granting them a double digit percent of aircraft value, the Sea Courts, located in the UK, sentenced it was a mere transport, and paid some thousand pounds for the incident. A barefaced prevarication! Agur

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