Capelis XC-12: Not their kind of dish.

Based on patents of Socrates H. Capelis and funded by some Greek restaurateurs from California as a sort of promotional tool, this aircraft sure had a colorful life. Not very appealing at first glance, the XC-12 nevertheless displayed some innovations and a few rarities. Of note the strange biplane tail configuration on a monoplane of that era and its detachable bolt assembly method. First flown in 1933, the Capelis proved to be up to its hideousness. Worse was its tendency to lose bolts in flight(!).

No, the Capelis didn’t go to war in Burma. Being a safety hazard the Capelis’ promotional tours soon were abandoned. Its career ended as a convenient -if ugly- prop on a decent bunch of RKO movies. A grounded one, of course. Here acting quite convincely on the tolerable 1942 propaganda/war film “The Flying Tigers.”

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